Factors that Affect Roof Estimates

If you know that your roof requires replacement or repairs, you likely know that you have to hire a professional roofing company for help. A roofing job is not a DIY job. It’s complicated, dangerous, and requires a lot of time and effort.

When you hire a professional roofer, they will provide you an estimate for the job. The cost of a roof repair or replacement depends on different factors. Each roof is unique. You will need to hire a reliable and experienced roofing company to thoroughly check the roof and offer a precise estimate.

Several factors might affect how a roofing company arrives at an estimate. If you’re wary of these factors, it will be easy for you to know how they determine a price. It also allows you to find the right solution for the problem.

Roof Fixtures

The cost of the project can increase if your roof has extra features. For example, fixtures such as skylights and chimneys can be obstacles for roofing contractors. For different jobs, roofers will have to navigate their way around these features. Because of this, they will add to the length of time it takes to finish the project.


The materials you pick for your new roof will greatly influence the overall cost of the project. Metal might be expensive upfront. However, it is one of the most durable materials out there. This means that you won’t have to replace the roof for a lot of years to come. If you’re searching for a cheap alternative, laminate roofing will incur a lower price in general compared to metal.


When a roofer fixes a roof, they have to think about the degree of damage they have to fix. Replacing several shingles doesn’t take a lot of materials, effort, and time. Meanwhile, if your roof has sustained a lot of damage after a strong storm, it will be much more expensive to fix.

Scope and Size

Usually, big properties will consume more time compared to small houses. The project will cost far less if the roofer is making simple repairs to a small house compared to installing a new roof on a huge commercial property.

Style of the Roof

Usually, a more complex style of roof will result in additional labor for the roofing company. A roofer will not require more time on it if you’ve got a very simple layout of the roof. On the other hand, an extremely complicated design can be more time-consuming for roofers. For instance, a sloped Tudor roof with a couple of gables is extremely complicated to install.


It will also affect the overall cost of the project if the roofer needs to make repairs on your roof and it came with a warranty. A roofer might be obligated to take additional steps to follow the terms. This depends on the type of warranty you’ve got. Because of this, they might charge more for extra materials or labor. Thus, the final cost of the project will also increase drastically.