In the reception of our hotel, we have an information desk. There we have 100s of Istanbul daily city tours.You can see all of our brochures and can choose the fit one for yourself. You can have private yours and general tours.
The private one is; only you (and the people/person with you) and your tour guide with a modern clean car, to go to speacial places whichs you want to see. The general one is; you and some people who chose the same tour with you, in a bus/minibus, to see speacial places whichs are selected before. This style you can find 12-16 tours. Also our receptions will help you to choose some tours for you. For more information and more options about İstanbul Daily Tours, here you can find the bests, click Have fun in Istanbul.

The other nice tour is Turkey Tours. This tours generally available for privates.
All Cities, good places to see, mountains, historical houses and more places. This tours usually 2 and more days. In tour we give a three stars hotel (It is up to you, you can choose better one) and two days to see places that city which you are in. Usually the tour guide waits at airport and direct to pick you up a hotel for a little rest. This tours include the all museu entrances, dinners, lunchs and tranfers from Airport.

Aquarium Hotel Istanbul also gives Car Rental Service chance to dear customers. On information desk we have 3-6 companies brochures. There you can choose the best car for you and our reseption w ill reserve that car for you quickly. We have many of cars; automatic, manual, diesel, gaz and more. Only when you come to our hotel talk this subject with our receptionist.